Support For Anti-Cache In Zepto’s Ajax Requests

If you have been using Zepto (the ultra light webkit target JS framework) you would have noticed that some of the elements which you have gotten used to with a JS framework, particularly with jQuery, are missing from Zepto.

Zepto’s github page quotes that it is not a goal for Zepto to give 100% match of jQuery. However, there are some important additions that I have made to it in the version that I have for our app. Here’s one,

// Add anti-cache in url if needed

if ( settings.cache === false ) {

var ts =, rquery = /\?/, rts = /([?&])_=[^&]*/,

// try replacing _= if it is there

ret = settings.url.replace( rts, “$1_=” + ts );

// if nothing was replaced, add timestamp to the end

settings.url = ret + ( ( ret === settings.url ) ? ( rquery.test( settings.url ) ? “&” : “?” ) + “_=” + ts : “” );

//console.log(“url: ” + settings.url);


Add this little snippet to the $.ajax function inside Zepto. To use anti-cache you have to send, you guessed it, “cache: false” as one of the properties in the ajax settings when you call on Zepto to make the async request. I have not reinvented this technique. I looked at the latest jQuery source and made modifications to it to make it work with Zepto. If there is a proven, simpler way to do it be sure let me know. I know that this just works so I used this.

2 thoughts on “Support For Anti-Cache In Zepto’s Ajax Requests

  1. I would love to add the ability to have cache = false in my version of Zepto but I can’t find the lines where you added this code. Has Zepto changed since you wrote this? Thanks


  2. You can get the development (unminified) version of Zepto and look for this line “var mime = settings.accepts[settings.dataType]” you will find it in $.ajax. Paste the code in the post above this line and you are good to go. I just checked Zepto 1.0 rc1 and it looks like the support for anti-cache is still not there. I guess no one ever complained about it to Tom Fuchs on github.


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