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CSS3 Wizardry

Recreating the iOS 5 Switch Control with HTML5, CSS3 and a Bit of ECMAScript 5

The final result of this post will run in iOS 5, Safari 5.1, as well as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Previously I had created a version of the switch control in iOS. With the launch of iOS5 Apple complete updated the look of the switch control. They went with a rounded style, which they also did with most controls in their desktop operating system, Lion.

After playing around with the early betas of iOS 5, I came up with the following reproduction of the new switch control look using just HTML5, CSS3 and some JavaScript for the interactive part. Functionally the switch control is nothing more than a fancier way of presenting a checkbox. So, for our purposes we are going to use a checkbox. Except that we need a coupleā€¦

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