A weird problem with GridView OnScrollListener and ActionBar’s list navigation listener

[UPDATED]: The solution

Has anyone had a problem with setting a gridview’s scroll listener and item listener for a list navigation spinner in a layout? The ActionBar is actually ActionBarSherlock. I tried to use the regular ActionBar and still had the same results as shown in this video.

I have narrowed down the problem to be the gridview’s scroll listener. As soon as I set the gridview’s scroll listener, it causes these issues:
– Prevents the spinner in the action bar from receiving item click events.
– Gridview doesn’t seem to draw the item views until a touch event has occurred in the layout.

In order for the spinner to receive clicks, I have to pause the activity using the task switcher or switch to another and then come back to the activity, then it starts to work again. I am baffled as to why this is happening.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Click here to see the post I made on Google+ which has a video attached to it.

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