Dynamic entries in Android’s MultiSelectListPreference

So I was finally excited that my brother and I decided to drop support for Gingerbread for the next iteration of Squiggly and that allows me to do things like use the MultiSelectListPreference and use the local Calendar API exclusively.

But there is a drawback with MultiSelectListPreference. You have to pre-define the string arrays for entries and entryValues. This sucks. This is why I have now added CustomMultiSelectListPreference to CustomPreferences. I have followed the same pattern which I did with CustomListPreference by implementing the IDynamicProvider which I introduced a while back when I needed to populate a regular list preference dynamically.

This is the class to reference in your preference xml file.

To use it:


selectAllValuesByDefault does exactly what it says. It selects all the values that are dynamically added. The class that provides these dynamic entries and entryValues need to implement IDynamicProvider. The no-argument version of populate method will no longer be supported. So be sure to implement the populate that accepts a Context. CustomMultiSelectListPreference first calls populate then calls getItem. I have tried to keep the same naming convention that Android’s adapter classes use. So you will see getCount and getItems in there.

Here’s a preview of what it will look like:


Squiggly – Android app


Squiggly is a calendar and location based app that can silence your phone. You know what the best part is? It knows where to silence your phone even without you telling it. Developed by my.app.factory.

Update: Squiggly just went live. Get it now for your Android here.

Update: An updated version (1.4) with much better location awareness and calendars functionality has been released to the Play store. Get it now! Don’t forget to look at the location types available for you to choose in Location Sentry.

Update: v1.4.2 coming soon with local calendar access for ICS and above devices. Watch out for the update on the Play store in the next few days.